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Thomas Jane returns as The Punisher!

Frank Castle featured in a new Punisher short called Dirty Laundry at Comic-Con

Update : We have updated the news with the actual short! see below!

Of the three “Punisher” movies, I can’t tell you which one I’ve enjoyed most. The low-budget Dolph Lundgren effort of the late ’80s had it’s moments, the Thomas Jane-starrer was big on character and I appreciated getting to know Frank Castle, and the most recent, “Punisher : War Zone”, was just a hell of a lot of fun- namely because it seemed intent on pissing off the MPAA with it’s incessant, cartoonish violence.

And again, I’ve liked each actor that has played the Marvel comics vigilante in their own ways too. Dolph Lundgren and “War Zone” headliner Ray Stevenson probably match the look of the character best, and they also had the physicality required to convince audiences of the character’s bad-assness, but because of his slightly more convincing knack of performance art, Thomas Jane probably made us feel the most for Castle.

Jane starred in the 2004 “Punisher” film and was due to reprise the role for the sequel – that would become “War Zone” – but ultimately dropped out because of a problem with the script. Assusingly, Jane wanted much of the sequel’s silliness and ridiculous violence compensated with a deeper plot. So, despite Jane’s love of the character, and enthusiasm for headlining more ‘Punisher’ movies, he passed the baton over to “Rome” alum Ray Stevenson.

To say it was a surprise when at Comic-Con yesterday Jane unveiled a short ‘fan’ film he’s made, again starring as Frank Castle/The Punisher, is an understatement.

Not sanctioned by Marvel, but merely something he and his producing partners put together for a bit of fun (or so they say; it’s probably Jane’s way of winning the movie series back), ‘Dirty Laundry’ is a short that has The Punisher going up against a bunch of thugs who interrupt him while washing and drying his clothes at a local laundromat. Castle heads to a liquor store and purchases a bottle of booze (the cashier is played by Jane’s friend and ‘Hellboy’ himself Ron Perlman), before taking out every gang member but one with the bottle. That remaining gang-member is taught a lesson… Castle-style.

The new ‘Punisher’ logo, by Tim Bradsheet, featured in the short.

So what do you think, guys? Will this well-received short film by enough to entice Marvel to rehire Jane to be their Punisher!?

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