Seems Harry Potter is now familiar with The F Word


Seemingly determined to lose the ‘Harry Potter’ name-badge forever, Daniel Radcliffe has chosen to do another poles-apart feature.

“The F Word” will team the actor with Zoe Kazan in an indie pic about a youngster being regulated to the dreaded ‘friend zone’.

“Goon” helmer Michael Dowse directs the pic.

Says Variety :

Story follows Wallace (Radcliffe) and Chantry (Kazan), a pair of twentysomethings who meet at a party and hit it off. However, Chantry has a long-term boyfriend, so with the best intentions and a little denial, they decide to confront the challenge of being just friends.

Those in Toronto may want to keep their eyes peeled for Harry Potter, er, Mr Radcliffe around August 15 when filming begins.