MH Briefs (July 18, 2012)


“The Campaign” Campaign Campaigning

Upcoming Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis/Josh Lawson/Dan Aykroyd laffer “The Campaign”, which looks sort of like a noughties update of the old Jack Lemmon-James Garner two-hander “My Fellow Americans”, just finished stumping itself (sounds dirty, I know) at Comic-Con. Now, courtesy Warner Bros, some new character posters for the flick.  And proof that the, er, campaign is really just beginning…Ferrell will be headed down under to promote the film shortly.

Click the thumbs below to view the fullies :

SyFy rebrands itself again

Rebranding without a sterile instrument must hurt, right!?

Nevertheless, SyFy Australia has announced it’ll be going by a new moniker from here on out. The new SF rebrand was born from a partnership between the SCI FI channel team and award winning brand consultants Ink Project with a mission to maintain the loyalty of core viewers and excite and delight those new to the channel. “The SF rebrand brings a cracking new energy to our line up of great shows. Ink Project and our in- house team have excelled in delivering the new look.”, said Peter Hudson, CEO, SF.
The SF rebrand will be supported with a new tagline “we are sci fi” and a revolving set of “we are…“descriptors that have been developed to showcase the rich choice of content on the channel. e.g for Lost Girl “we are insatiable”. As an inclusive term, “we are…“ reinforces the channel’s strong connection with our loyal fan base, whilst appealing strongly to new viewers.
An inspiring suite of SF idents have been designed by Ink Project to entice and energise the viewer with cinematic imagery and a broad spectrum of interesting characters. Each character holds a distinctive point of difference, reflecting the depth of genres available on SF. Please click here for a look at SF.

Peter Morgan pens Hefner Bio

Peter Morgan (“Frost/Nixon”) will pen the Hugh Hefner story for Warner Bros and producer Jerry Weintraub (“The Karate Kid”).

“Zombieland” director takes Joss Whedon’s old job

Ruben Fleischer has snagged a plum deal at Fox TV. The “Zombieland” and “Gangster Squad” helmer has a new Fox based production company, and will also develop, EP and direct projects in both the comedy and drama genre for the shingle.

Did that “Zombieland” TV series idea just inch closer to becoming a reality…

Batman going Beyond rumours now…

You’ll hear quite a few rumours over the next few weeks to months, no doubt, on where Warner Bros plans to take the ‘Batman’ series now that Chris Nolan’s hung up his batcave keys. One rumour doing the rounds is that “Batman Beyond”, which features an elderly Bruce Wayne recruiting a replacement Batman, could be the next time we see the character on the big screen.

Vampire joins Indiana Jones’s latest

“Twilight : Breaking Dawn Part 2” star Angela Sarafyan has joined the cast of “Paranoia”, the business-world-bonks-big-brother thriller starring Harrison Ford, Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Amber Heard and Julian McMahon.

The actress, who plays Tia in the final “Twilight” flick, “plays Alison in the film. Her character teams up with the blackmailed Chris character, played by Hemsworth, to spy on a rival company.”

Juliette Lewis In Talks For “August: Osage County”

Brad Pitt’s one-time squeeze joins Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts in the mother-daughters dark drama.

With those co-stars, better get your Oscar dress pressed Ms Lewis.

“Horrible Bosses” actor doing “Wolf” movie

P.J Byrne, next in “The Campaign”, is joining Leonardo Di Caprio in Martin Scorsese’s next “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Leo? Marty? Sheesh… With those hacks onboard, Byrne’s just signed himself up for a dog. A barker. A real howler.

“Transformers” star directs “Gigolo” flick

John Turturro has roped in some famous friends to star in a film he’ll write and direct called “Fading Gigolo”. Among the cast, Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara, Vanessa Paradis and Liev Schreiber. Turturro himself also has a part. ”An October start date is planned for the movie, which revolves around a book store owner (Allen) with a money-making scheme who convinces his friend (Turturro) that a fortune can be made by becoming a professional gigolo.”

No Gary Mitchell in “Star Trek II : The Wrath of Urban”

Last week Karl Urban apparently let slip that ‘Gary Mitchell – a character from the original TV series – would be the villain of the “Star Trek” sequel.

Sounds like someone’s pulled our leg, hard.

“I would say that I never lie,” Co-writer Bob Orci told “While Karl tests all those hypo spray props on himself.”

“Mockingjay” director wanted. Apply Within

Lionsgate want a new director for the two-part “Hunger Games : Mockingjay” films (if only because “Catching Fire” director Francis Lawrence will have his hands full editing his instalment when the third film goes before the cameras)

I just submitted my resume.

Eastman : Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!

It’s still a ways off, but “Turtles” creator Kevin Eastman says Jonathan Liebesman’s upcoming reboot will be the best “Ninja Turtles” flick yet.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s easily the best Turtle movie yet. We’re talking Raid: Redemption-style fight scenes; we’re talking about epic Rise of the Planet of the Apes sort of effects.”