Andrew Stanton to direct Finding Nemo sequel


After the colossal commercial failure of his live-action debut “John Carter”, director Andrew Stanton is sensibly returning to safer terrain for his next venture. The filmmaker is returning to his roots, animation, and giving us the sequel most of us puffy-faced fish fans have wanted for the better part of a decade – a sequel to his own “Finding Nemo”.

Now while some may question Disney’s decision to trust Stanton with another big-budget tentpole movie after after the huge loss they experienced on “John Carter”, let’s also remember that this is the man who helped steer so many of the studio’s films become high-paying hits – like the “Toy Story” series. More so, it’s “Finding Nemo”… you can’t really lose out here. It’s not longer Stanton is going to switch it up this time and make ‘Nemo’ a live-action fish. The pic is a hit before it’s even touched water.

Disney and Pixar have taken to Stanton’s concept for the sequel, says Deadline, but there’s nothing firm regarding when this will happen.

The original film was gorgeous, can only hope for something just as special with the sequel.