Exclusive : Lung talks Crave, Lowe talks Two Mothers at the Dark Knight Rises Premiere

Exclusive : Lung talks Crave, Lowe talks Two Mothers at the Dark Knight Rises Premiere
Hugh Humphreys

At the Sydney premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises”, our reporter Hugh Humphreys was able to grab a couple of minutes with Emma Lung, who’s starring in Charles de Lauzirika’s upcoming film “Crave”; and Sophie Lowe, who just finished filming alongside Naomi Watts and Robin Wright in “Two Mothers”, directed by Anne Fontaine.


Emma is one of the lead characters in “Crave”, alongside Josh Lawson. The flick stars Lawson as Aiden, a crime scene photographer who turns into a vigilante, a la “Dexter”. The trailer debuted at Comic-Con last weekend to a positive reaction. Here’s what Emma had to say:

Have you seen the finished product yet?

Yes and I’m really proud of it. It’s really good, and really different. I loved it.

What can you tell us about your character?

Hmm, what would be the most interesting part of Virginia? She’s a very complicated character – but nowhere near as complicated as Josh [Lawson]’s character Aiden!

*Side note –

What’s it like working with Josh?

He’s brilliant; so intense but also incredibly funny. He’s a real pleasure to work with actually, both smart and really switched on. And when he’s right, he’s RIGHT.

How about the debut of the trailer at Comic Con? Do you hope it gets the exposure now?

I’m really proud it was shown there, it’s such a a huge place for everyone to see it, and the reaction’s been good. I’m terribly excited! I hope people now hurry up and snap up the distribution rights so everyone can see it!



Sophie’s starring in “Two Mothers”, alongside Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, who play middle aged best friends who fall in love with each other’s sons. Production wrapped up a couple of months ago and is due for release early 2013. Here are her thoughts:

What was it like working alongside those wonderful actors?

What can I say? It was like a dream, such a great experience. I mean, it’s Naomi Watts and Robin Wright! I learned a lot – I watched them a lot in secret! When they were acting I would watch… [laughs] They’re both really down to earth and it’s nice to know that – it’s great seeing stars so approachable.

And Xavier Samuel plays your boyfriend – what’s he like to play opposite?

Xavier’s great, we’re really great friends. We have a child together in the film, so we were in heaps of scenes together – it was certainly something different having a little kid around while shooting!

Hugh Humphreys

Moviehole's Sydney based news editor and interviewer. Works for the Austereo network.

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