New RoboCop adds Jackie Earle Haley to cast


Jackie Earle Haley, no stranger to playing iconic roles – donning the inkblots as Rorschach in “The Watchmen” and the black hatted Freddy Krueger in the most recent “Nightmare on Elm Street” – has been added to the “Robocop” roster that includes Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L.Jackson and Abbie Cornish.

According to Deadline, Haley will play Maddox, military trainer to Kinnaman’s Robocop, with “Tropic Thunder” star Jay Baruchel circling an as yet unknown role .
The reboot is one of at least eighteen sequels and remakes to hit our screens next year, clearly every studio’s answer to the question: “How can we make money these days?”

The José Padilha directed film is set to hit cinemas in August 2013.