Two new Man of Steel teasers hit the net!


After such a rousing reception for it at Comic-Con, you’d expect Warner Bros would’ve released the same teaser trailer to the internet….
but nope. As different as Mary & Kate is to Elizabeth this one.
Still, the “Man of Steel” teasers released to both MSN and Yahoo! this morning do suggest a much more different experience than the Dick Donner and Bryan Singer versions of Kal-El’s capers of yesteryear. In fact, some might even argue the movie looks like a moving hybrid of “First Blood”, the last three of four Terry Malick movies, and, not surprisingly, considering Chris Nolan is the ‘godfather of the project’, “Batman Begins”.
Emphasis seems to be on Clark Kent’s journey towards becoming Superman – much like Bruce Wayne’s hour-and-a-half of self exploration before he even set his sights on the Bat garb in “Batman Begins” – more so than the story of the Man in the Red and Blue. Expect a fairly epic coming-of-age story with some real world issues and some sound-barrier breaking aerial dog-fights (if that last scene in the teaser is anything to go by) come 2013.
There’s two different versions of the “Man of Steel” teaser online, the first features the narrative stylings of Russell Crowe as Supes’ pop Jor-El and the second has Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent doing the audio track overlay.