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From the creators of Transformers: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill The Movie

Ric Roman Waugh is in negotiations to direct “Deepwater Horizon”, Summit Entertainment and Participant Media’s drama about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster that snagged headlines (and inspired episodes of Aaron Sorkin series’) when the black shit met with water in 2010.

Matthew Sand’s script, says Deadline, is based on New York Times article called Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hour.

Big-time blockbuster producer-palooza duo Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian, both no stranger to tragic shit having produced three “Transformers” movies, are shepherding the project.

Waugh, currently helming the Dwayne Johnson biffo flick “Snitch”, is a former stuntman who made the transition to directing a few years back; his first high-profile effort was the underrated jail-set drama “Felon” with Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff.

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