Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders scandal may spell doom for Snow White 2


Amid news of Kristen Stewart’s two-timing ways but more so with that of her “Snow White & The Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders comes speculation that a sequel to the moderately successful 2012 hit may be off.

Universal had wanted a sequel to Sanders’ reimaginging of the fairytale as soon as possible, but with the backlash against Stewart and Sanders word is that the sequel has been put on hold.. for a considerable amount of time. I dare say Stewart and Sanders won’t want to be seen with each other – publicly, anyway – for quite some time, and working together on another film is likely out of the question at this stage. But there’s also the chance that Universal may simply bring in another director – despite being very keen to re-hire Sanders – to shoot a “Snow White” sequel.

I am now engaged to a lovely man, but about 18 months ago I was silly enough to be in a relationship with someone who was getting around behind my back and, as far as I can tell, never spoke any truths.
As someone who has dated someone before that’s cheated, let me just say this : Cheaters don’t change their spots. You can track their whereabouts at most times, even scan their phone, and ask for access to their email accounts to see who they have emailed, but they always – and do – find out a way to continue having their cake and eating it too. In this day and age, it’s easy to start up another free email account, run down to a phone box, use a landline, or simply drop around to someone’s house while you’re at work – those things all happened to me.
They will tell you it’s over, they will blame it all on the ‘other’ party, and they’ll swear they’ll never do it again. But they will – just as soon as they think you’ve forgotten about that original discovery. And as a few staff members and I were discussing this morning, it’s the cheaters that near always tell you that ‘all my girlfriends cheated on me in the past’ – when, in fact, that’s just their way of deflecting the guilt from their discretion’s. The guy I caught out said he had never been in a relationship with someone that didn’t cheat, but I would later realize that wasn’t true – he was the one who was two-timing them, not the other way around. So, as most are stressing, do yourself a favour and move on Mr Pattinson. Let Kristen lose your precious, devoted self.

In other KStew news, “Magic Mike” star Alex Pettyfer has joined the cast of the actress’s latest “Cali”. The Nick Cassavetes-directed movie tells of a couple who fake a snuff film, sell the video and run. Stewart will also produce the movie.