Schwarzenegger’s next has a new title; Howard and Olivieri join the cast


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest has undergone a name change.

“Ten”, just in case people confuse it to be the long-gestating remake of the Dudley Moore & Bo Derek comedy, has been retitled “Grumpy Old Men Terminators”. Or not. That’s a bad early morning joke. Blame the burnt croissant. Nope, David Ayer is slapping “Breachers” – um, erm, well… I dunno – on the posters for the film.

Sam Worthington is in talks to join Schwarzenegger in the film, the story of ten DEA agents who are knocked off one-by-one by an assassin while carrying out a heist.

That original title “Ten” was a riff on the film’s inspiration, Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians”.

Word from Heat Vision is that two more thesps now have the opportunity to work with master linguist Schwarzenegger, Terrence Howard and Dawn Olivieri. No word on who the “Iron Man” and “Vampire Diaries” actors are playing, but assumingly they’re two of the… er, Ten… er, two of the breached.