Lady Gaga joins Machete Kills; Check out her Character Poster!


Determined to squeeze every ounce of coolness from the earth and back into the spliced-together frames of his latest film, Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete Kills” has – in addition to Mel Gibson, warlock Charlie Sheen, hottie Amber Heard, and, of course, Danny ‘Machete’ Trejo himself – has now secured the services of the disco-stick wiggling Lady Gaga.

Here’s Gaga’s ‘character’ poster for the sexy, shredding, slicing sequel.

And Alexa Vega, the “Spy Kids” tyke, is all ‘growed up’ and she’s in the film too…. in her ‘growed up’ mode. Here’s a look at her in-character :

Thanks to Mr Rodriguez on Twitter