High Fidelity


I wonder what Nick Hornby thought of an American studio buying up one of his very British urban man novels and relocating it to the US?

He might not have minded too much when he saw Frears’ rendition of the end result, which retains most of the indie cred you hope it has.

Hapless slacker and vinyl record store owner Cusack is lovelorn, so as well as endlessly cataloging his thousands of vinyl albums, he obsesses over break-ups past and present and has to try and identify the behaviour that keeps driving the women in his life away.

Aided by employees and sidekicks Dick and Barry (Black), he plumbs the depths of his consciousness and conscience through many direct-to-camera dialogue and similarly edgy devices to make a cool, cynical but sweet comedy.

Blu-ray Details/Extras : Not a bad transfer, but the extras – brief interviews and deleted scenes – aren’t anything to kill over.

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Drew Turney
An Australian-based film critic and celebrity interviewer now based in Los Angeles, California.