Alias star Rachel Nichols is female lead in new Stephen King movie


The rather beautiful Rachel Nichols, who starred on TV’s “Alias” and also had a role in “G.I Joe : Rise of Cobra” with my boy Channing Tatum, has signed on to star in “The Ten O’clock People”. The film is an adaptation of a story by Stephen King, and is being brought to the screen by “Child’s Play” director Tom Holland.

Cutie Justin Long, who was in the equally scary “Drag Me to Hell” a few years ago, would be the male lead in the movie.

The Hollywood Reporter says the film “centers on a man who, when attempting to kick his smoking habit, has his eyes opened to a frightening reality in which many people in authority are monsters. He joins a group of others like him called the Ten O’Clock People.”

Nichols would be “a woman who, like the man, can see a horrible aspect of reality, hidden in plain sight.”

Scary! Bring a pillow by sounds!