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Marvel readying an Avengers TV series

Maybe David Hasselhoff can reprise his role from the Nick Fury TV movie for it?

Seems there’s still a couple of non-fanboys out there with a minute amount of expenditure income left.

Marvel, hoping to entice some more “Avengers” fans to the ‘dark side’, is apparently developing a Television series based on the hit film by Joss Whedon and starring muscly guy, the Iron-laden gentleman, jade fellow, Hunk in blue and that guy who swears a lot and has an eye-patch in this one.

Deadline says the project is only in the idea stages, so it may not happen, but I’m pretty sure if Marvel knows there’s money to be made and a chance of more “Avengers” merchandise being sold they’ll do anything in their [super] power to make it happen.

Interestingly, the article at Deadline says that the show might not feature any of the characters from “The Avengers” but simply be set in the same world. So, in other words, it may be a cop show featuring police characters that may have popped up in the film or maybe it’ll be a show concentrating on the eye-patch that Samuel L.Jackson wears, which suddenly inherits super heroic abilities from a tea cosy or something?

I’m actually a fan of this movie, don’t get me wrong. “Avengers” the TV show? I’ll watch!

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