Trailer for Silent Hill : Revelations 3D with Adelaide Clemens


Looks like Aussie actress Adelaide Clemens (“Wasted on the Young”, “Love my Way”) is doing alright for herself in the U.S! I didn’t know this before checking out the trailer, but she’s got the lead role in “Silent Hill : Revelation 3D”, a sequel to the video game inspired movie from a couple of years back. Fellow Aussies mightn’t recognize her without her usual blonde locks either, she’s gone dirty brown for this one, and it’s cropped. Oh, and I see she also has a role in the upcoming “Mad Max” movie that’s currently filming on location in Africa.
Great to see so many fine actors from TV’s “Love My Way” have gone onto bigger and better things (if that is even possible!?) – like Asher Keddie (“Offspring”), Brendan Cowell (“Noise”, “I love You Too”) and Ben Mendelsohn, who I just spotted in “The Dark Knight Rises”. And here’s young Clemens showing Americans what she’s got!