Ben Stiller and Tom McGrath reunite for RentaGhost


No doubt hoping to give kids another good time, in addition to sore too-much popcorn tummies, “Madagascar 3” duo Ben Stiller and director Tom McGrath have agreed to unite on another movie, “RentaGhost”, according to Hollywood movie bible Variety.

While I haven’t seen the series myself (I’m a spring chicken!), I’m aware that “RentaGhost” was a really popular and long-running children’s show that came from the UK in the late ’70s. The show tells of a man who dies and starts up a business that sees him renting out ghosts to the living.. for whatever purpose they see fit.

20th Century Fox, who worked with Stiller on the “Night at the Museum” films (of which that film’s writers Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant are also onboard “RentaGhost”), are producing the film. I do hope it’s a little better than the last “Night at the Museum” film – which I nodded off in halfway thru!