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UK Report : Tomb Raider casting rumour, Trainspotting sequel, Skyfall TV spot, Martin Gooch’s Death

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Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight from London.

Well, what did everyone think of our Olympic opening ceremony? I, for one, was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it was incredibly British, especially with Mr. Bean and Bond leaping out of a helicopter with The Queen. I’m a huge Kenneth Branagh fan and I was pleased to see him at the start, reeling off dialogue as Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel (what do you mean, you thought he was Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!)

And what of Danny Boyle’s achievement? Will it be Sir Daniel Boyle by the end of the year? I’m not alone in my thinking, after all, hashtag Sir Danny Boyle was registering heavily in my Twitterverse.

And also, the “Skyfall” TV spot aired during the Olympics – not bad, hey!?

So, as this is movie news, what have I been hearing in and around London recently? – Well, the past few days actually.

Porno: Is the scorching hot Danny Boyle sequel to Transpotting now going to be fast-tracked into production? With his latest thriller ‘Trance’ complete, word is strong.

Daniel Craig: Where do you go from skydiving with The Queen? There’s always been a strong link between the actors who portray James Bond and the Broccoli family, no matter how many people say “who’ll be the next Bond?’, there’s always close friends earmarked for the future 007 role. With that said, Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig have another venture in the works ‘A Steady Rain’, centring on a suddenly testing relationship between friends who are also Chicago cops. Spielberg is said to be producing, too.

Jasmine Breinberg.There has been a phenomenal amount of interest and coverage surrounding this teenage gem. The actress / dancer performer, from South London, who was a main star in the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Danny Boyle’s “Isle of Wonder”, has finished her exams at the renowned BRIT School, where many a talent has been ‘discovered’, namely Adele, Leona and countless more to boot. Jasmine, however, seems to have that little sparkle those other performers before her don’t seem to possess. I’m hearing loud whispers on a movie role and various West End Show offers in the near future.

Jessica Ennis, the World and European heptathlon gold medallist, has also been mentioned on the lips of film makers, interested in her making the Olympic hop, skip and a jump from sport to the silver screen and we’re not talking stereotypical poor British Rom Coms either, we’re talking action. Despite on-going legal disputes regarding its true origins, talk of Ennis being suggested as a front-runner for the Lara Croft re-boot has been overheard in two of London’s prestigious private members clubs this month.

Director Martin Gooch is gaining tremendous attention with his feature debut ‘Death’. The mysterious comedy centres on what people will do for love. Gooch’s own description reads: ‘Following the death of their Dad, four brothers and sisters return to the family home after many years to face each other, face facts and face the future.’ The film, showcasing some of Britain’s coolest indie talents will be showing on Saturday in Hollywood at the Feel Good Film Festival and I urge people to check it out if they’re there.

”The Landlord”, a martial-arts film in the throws of completion here in the UK, is a raw and powerful film written by and starring fight co-ordinator Rob Ho. It’s Rob Ho’s first independent feature as writer and producer, and is a tale inspired by true events. The film featuring the likes of Mark Noyce (One Hit Wonder), Zara Phythian (Knockout, The Hike) and Ben Shockley (Death). ‘Louis Fay returns from Hong Kong to honour his father’s wish of looking after the family business, which is the target of a Criminal Kingpin. ‘The Landlord’ is one of several UK martial-arts films gearing up for what is said to be a massive revival in the genre. It’s official website is

Finally, I’m now a fan of Beach Volley Ball.

“You don’t know how I feel. Only the exceptionally rich can know how I feel.”

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