Machete Sadler Poster, Gibson Video, Gooding & Hudgens aboard?


We’ve known him to be onboard for a while, but his involvement has been promoted two-fold over the past 24 hours : Speaking, of course, about William Sadler’s involvement in Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete”.

Rodriguez has tweeted a new character poster for “The Pacific” star Sadler’s fellow, and seems the actor is returning to a role he knows well – the law-enforcer type he played to perfection on TV’s “Roswell” (He’s great as a villain though; I still think his colonel fuckhole in “Die Hard 2” is a career highlight).

Speaking of “Machete” casting, I’m told Cuba Gooding Jr is also involved. The Oscar Winning actor is said to be playing the beau of Lady Gaga’s character. Not a bad score for DTV-reg Cuba, if so. In addition, “Sucker Punch” beauty Vanessa Hudgens is also said to be playing an undisclosed role. She’d fit in nicely around those other leggy lasses. No doubt the trades will confirm those names shortly or Rodriguez will beat them to the punch by tweeting their character posters.

Meanwhile, a slightly-closed Mel Gibson, who plays a Bond-type villain in the ensemble actioner, was front and center for this new set-video with TV’s Extra in which the “Lethal Weapon” great speaks about his character. Very cool!

“Machete Kills”… soon.