Casting : Taslim, Murray, Wilson, Kitsch, Mandv, Leguizamo, Bichir, Witherspoon, Brand

Taylor Kitsch

The Grand Seduction

The former “Friday Night Lights” actor who transition into a matinee idol with roles in splashy but unsuccessful expensive blockbusters like “Battleship” and “John Carter” will join Brendan Gleeson (“The Cup”) for the remake of “Le Grande Seduction”, says THR.

Kitsch and Gleeson join Canadian actors Mary Walsh, Cathy Jones and Gordon Pinsent in the film, titled “The Grand Seduction”.

In the film, Gleeson plays “a village resident who searches for a doctor and, finding one whose role is performed by Kitsch, attempts to seduce the doctor to stay permanently.”

Congrats to director Don McKellar on his remake of “Doc Hollywood”, erm, I mean “Le Grande Seduction”.

The Internship

Aasif Mandv, a correspondent on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, is joining Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in the Shawn Levy-directed comedy reuniting the “Wedding Crashers” duo as junior-level workmen trying to make comebacks in the work-force.

Mandv will play Mr. Chetty, the tough head of the internship program Vaughn and Wilson’s characters enlist in as they try to reinvent their dead-end careers. (Deadline)

The Heat

Demian Bichir (“Savages”) will play an FBI agent in the new Melissa McCarthy/Sandra Bullock comedy from “Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig. (Deadline)

Pennyroyal’s Boot Camp

Reese Witherspoon will produce and play a supporting role in the feature film adaptation of the M.A Larson novel.

Larson will write the script.

“In the book, an orphaned girl travels to the Pennyroyal Boot Camp where she and her friends train to become warrior princesses in order to defeat an ever-growing threat of wicked witches.” (Deadline)

Pierre Pierre

Russell Brand will star in the Larry ‘Borat’ Charles comedy.

The raunchy comedy would tell of “a French nihilist (Brand) who transports a stolen painting from Paris to London. Along the way he crosses paths with a French police inspector, a serial killer named Pigeonshit and his own brothel-owning mother.”

Edwin Cannistraci and Frederick Seton wrote the Black List script, which Fox Atomic nabbed for $1 million in 2008. At that time Jim Carrey was set to star, and Jason Reitman was directing. (Variety)

St Vincent de Van Nuys

Bill Murray is negotiating to star in Ted Melfi’s new flick for 20th Century Fox.

Melfi’s screenplay was on last year’s Black List.

When a twelve year old boy in need of a babysitter moves in next door to a misanthropic aging retiree whose life mainly consists of gambling, hookers, and drinking, the elder becomes an unlikely mentor to the boy. (Variety)

Fast & Furious 6

Joe Taslim, of “The Raid : Redemption” has joined the cast of director Justin Lin’s latest “Fast” flick.

Taslim “will play a fearless killer named Jah who uses a variety of techniques including martial arts and parkour skills to battle his opponents.”

Production has now begun on the fifth sequel to “Fast and the Furious”. (The Playlist)

Million Dollar Man

Luke Wilson (“Charlie’s Angels”) may front indie sports comedy “Million Dollar Man”.

“He will play a down-on-his-luck route driver for a soda company who’s given a second chance in life as a football kicker.”

Scott Marshall (“Blond Ambition”) is directing the project. (Variety)