Wolverine Set Video; Jessica Biel talks exit


A new set video from the downunder leg of “The Wolverine” shoot has gone online.

Sydney, standing in for Japan (though they’re also going to do some shooting in Japan too; can’t be too many Koalas in the frame), gets a good showing in the piece for 7 News.

Meanwhile, Jessica Biel has tardily responded to the situation regarding her alleged exiting of the production. Speaking to Collider, the “Total Recall” stunner explained that she was never truly officially onboard the Hugh Jackman starrer.

“It was a scheduling issue”, Biel said, stating that they “just couldn’t make it work, with press for other movies that I have coming out”.

Biel seemed genuinely disappointed about having self-nix the gig, so that response is likely an honest one and not some well-rehearsed PR spiel.

And I give it a couple of minnies before Fox’s legal department check-in to ask us to remove any mention of “The Wolverine”… sorry, private joke between staff, namely Hugh.