Vince Vaughn rebooting The Brady Bunch


It’s been well over a decade since “The Brady Bunch” got a spit and polish, so due time the classic TV family was given a spruce.

The next incarnation of the classic sitcom won’t be on the big screen, like the spoof ’90s movie (starring Gary Cole and Shelley Long in the Robert Reed and Florence Henderson roles), but the TV – where it all started.

Superstar Vince Vaughn developed the reboot with “Raising Hope”‘s Mike Mariano, who wrote the pilot script, says E! Online. Suggesting the new version won’t stray too far from the roots of the original, Lloyd Schwartz, the son of Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of the original sitcom, will serve as an executive producer.

“The Brady Bunch” is one of many old screen favourites that have been resurrected by Hollywood in recent years; other reborn classics – either airing on TV or on a cinema screen – include “Hawaii Five-O”, “Dallas”, “The Lone Ranger” and “Mockingbird Lane”, a revamped version of “The Munsters”.