The Campaign : New Faux Campaign Ads; Will Ferrell appearing in Sydney Sunday


Actually looking forward to seeing this. Old mate of Moviehole Will Ferrell and increasingly-wealthy funnyman Zach Galifianakis (how far he’s coming since playing second fiddle to ‘Faith’ on “Tru Calling”, hey!?) going head-to-head, or campaign-to-campaign, as it seems to be in a new comedy from “Meet the Parents” helmer Jay Roach.

The water tower in Burbank gushed out a couple more funny bits of online marketing overnight, namely faux campaign ads featuring Ferrell and Galifiankis’ character’s.

Cam Brady’s Campaign Ad

Marty Huggin’s Campaign Ad

In addition, Will Ferrell will be in Sydney this Sunday – my birthday! So I guess that means he won’t be coming to my party at Hungry Jacks, after all! – to celebrate the Aussie launch of “The Campaign”.

Here are all the details you need :