Ames writing Bored to Death the movie


Like Katie Holmes jumping from Chris Klein to Tom Cruise, HBO seems to think bigger is better.

Most of the cabler’s series have been rumoured for a film version shortly after each consecutive show wraps for good (and we’ve been blessed- if that’s the right word – with two “Sex & The City” movies), namely “Entourage” (which creator Doug Ellen has written 65 pages of a feature film script to, suggesting that although it’s in the works it’s still a ways off). Cinema, after all, is a much more appealing canvas than TV – or so said the unemployed Hoyts projectionist.

Next HBO series to get the film treatment may be “Bored to Death”, the peculiar comedy series starring Zach Galifiankis, Ted Danson and Jason Schwartzmann.

Jonathan Ames, the show’s creator, is knee-deep in crafting a story for the big screen that’ll follow the adventures of Jonathan Ames (the writer’s namesake), a well meaning but struggling writer who decides to lead a sort of double life by pretending to be a private detective, beyond the soon-to-be canceled TV series.

“The challenge for us with films now is that we’re only making three — sometimes four, depending on the budget — a year”, HBO’s Michael Lombardo said when pressed by THR for more details on “Bored to Death : The Movie”. “Given what’s going on in the studio business, we have an unbelievable slate in development – but we love Bored to Death and Jonathan [Ames] and we’re excited to see what he’s writing.”

Again, like “Entourage”, no guarantee it’ll happen anytime soon – or at all – but HBO do seem to be crushing on the idea of turning most of their series into features, so there’s a fair chance it could happen.