This is The End for Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore has inked a deal to direct Warner’s end-of-days drama “The End”.

Don’t stress, Warners aren’t trusting the director of “Whip It” with one of their $250 million dollar tentpole blockbusters – this thing’s more “Miracle Mile” than “Armageddon”, by sounds.

THR says :

The project takes a 180-degree approach to the usual apocalypse scenario and instead focuses on several people as they reconcile their fate on Earth’s last day. End is meant to be uplifting and humanistic rather than a downer, a meditation not on death but on life.

Among the storylines is a sixtysomething radio personality in London intent on broadcasting until the end, a father trying to make it through the chaos in Tokyo to reach his wife and baby and a teenage couple in the American Midwest being pulled in different directions by their families.

Barrymore, also set to direct “High Society” for Warners sometime in the future, sparked at the script for Aron Eli Coleite. No word yet on whether she’ll play one of the roles herself, but since she usually does act in whatever she directs, one might expect a Gertie appearance.

With “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” and “2012” atop of many-a-critic’s top-ten lists, there’s a reason why… oh shit, wait. Don’t worry about that last sentence.