Chewbacca is getting his own movie!



Fresh jeans required.

Kyle Newman, an old mate and fellow “Star Wars” buff, will follow-up his sext to the saga “Fanboys” with another Force-enfused film venture, “Chewie”, says Heat Vision.

The movie, which like “Fanboys” has been given the thumbs up by Lucasfilm, will tell the story of actor Peter Mayhew, the tall fellow that played Chewbacca in the “Star Wars” series.

And with that, I am soaked.

Evan Susser and Van Robichaux’s script fixes on Mayhew’s life circa-1977 when he was juggling life as the employee of a hospital while trying to crack it in Hollywood – by way of hiding inside a fluffy wookie suit.

Newman secured the rights to Mayhew’s life story, and will craft the flick with Inferno Entertainment.

Kyle, see if you can interest that fine but highly in-demand actress Jaime King to play Carrie Fisher? I know, she’s hard to get to, but I’m sure you can get the script to her somehow.