Kristen Stewart will twilight as a tragic beauty in Cooper film


Scott Cooper (“Crazy Heart”) has tapped tabloid fave Kristen Stewart to star in “Lie Down in Darkness”, described as a ”Dickensian and Dostoyevsky-like heavy drama”, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Vulture (who broke the news on Stewart’s attachment).

Cooper’s script is adapted from a 1951 William Styron novel about ”the rise of a Southern family. The family includes Milton Loftis, a drunken patriarch who lusts after one of his two daughters, a frigid mother and the aforementioned daughters — one beautiful, the other a cripple.”

Appropriately, Stewart would play the tragic beauty.

A source tells THR that the film is still in the very early stages of development though and is not financed as yet. So continue wearing out your copy of “Twilight” for a little longer, fans. Rupert. whoever.