Till doing Wolves; storyline details for his X-Men sequel


Lucas Till will star in the hirsute thriller “Wolves”, according to THR.

“X-Men” scribe David Hayter makes his directorial debut on the film, the story of “a young man (Till), who transforms into a werewolf and finds himself falsely accused of murdering his parents. He goes on the run, eventually arriving at a small town named Lupine Ridge that has a history of supernatural happenings. There he finds the secrets to his past.”

The film will kick off in Toronto next month.

Meanwhile, Till is expected to reprise his role as Alex Summer/Havoc in the sequel to last year’s “X-Men : First Class”.

Producer Bryan Singer, who will again collaborate with director Matthew Vaughan on the film, has confirmed the next film in the comic-book series will be based on the “Days of Future Past” storyline from the “X-Men” comics. That storyline involved time-travel and saw the X-Men entering an alternate version of the universe. What this means for the movie is that characters like Storm, Wolverine and possibly even Summer’s brother Scott/Cyclops, could show up.

“I can say it’s being written right now and it will start shooting in a few months. It’s going to be very ambitious,” Singer told IGN. “It’s called ‘Days of Future Past’ and it deals with aspects of that comic but also some very new things. I just don’t want to give any of it away. Matthew Vaughn will be directing and I’m totally excited about it.”