Philip Seymour Hoffman talks Hunger Games role


Why would the screen-savvy and assumingly-picky Philip Seymour Hoffman choose to be part of a money-mongering blockbuster franchise?

Quite simply, he wanted to play Heavensbee.

Whether it’s big, small, or falls somewhere in-between, the acclaimed actor suggests it’s all about the part for him. And that of Plutarch Heavensbee in “Hunger Games : Catching Fire”, was too good a role to pass on, the “Moneyball” actor says.

“It’s a great group of actors. It’s a great environment. And the character was something I was attracted to. It was just an interesting role”, Hoffman, whose many credits include “Capote”, “Almost Famous” and “Ides of March”, tells EW. “He’s somebody who’s part of the revolution, but you don’t know it. The idea that somebody would be risking themselves in such an extreme way to join something that’s that dangerous because he thinks it’s the future, that’s interesting stuff, you know? I’ve read the script, which is true to the book. I kinda ruined it for myself. But I’m reading it anyway, because I really want to find out everything I need to know about this guy.”

Hard to believe Hoffman chose “Along Came Polly” for the same reasons – the character was intriguing – but we’re all entitled to off-days.