A computer-generated ALF headed to the big screen


The 80’s have struck again! That’s right, everyone’s favorite furry 80’s star, ALF, is heading to the big screen, thanks to Sony Animation, who according to THR secured the rights to revive the T.V. show about ALF, an alien life form who crash lands on earth  and becomes a member of the Tanner family.

The live action/CGI flick is set with “Smurfs” producer Jordon Kerner alongside the creator of the show, Tom Patchett and the puppeteer and voice of ALF, Paul Fasco. Fasco is also set to revive his voice talents for the role.

No writer or directors have latched on just yet but I’m sure they’ll be more details to come in the next couple of months. Although a part of me wants to groan about essentially another remake, I’m curious to see if the creators start this story from the beginning for all the new audiences out there or if they’ll choose a situational conflict to continue the story and pick up right where we left off. Either way, I’m a little disappointed that ALF won’t be all puppeteer.