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Ben Affleck may direct and star in Justice League movie

Has the script for the superhero blockbuster in his hot hands right now

WB loves them some Affleck – and no, that’s not some hip street-nickname for coke, but the surname of one of Hollywood’s most in-demand directors right now.

“Phantoms” sensation cum big-time filmmaker Ben Affleck (“The Town”) is being courted by Warners to direct the “Justice League” movie.

According to Variety, Affleck currently has in his hot hands Will Beale’s script for the superhero movie. He’s apparently the only filmmaker with a copy right now, suggesting there’s serious consideration here.

Affleck recently stated that he will only direct movies he stars in from now on, so could we expect to see him in a suit of his own? Say, Superman? (Who he sort-of played before in George Reeves’ biopic “Hollywoodland”). Suppose it depends on whether he wants to tie himself up for the next few years with something so immense.

In addition, the trade reports :

Affleck has spent the last several weeks mulling an offer to star in topline Greg Berlanti’s long-gestating sci-fi drama “Replay,” which WB has spent more than a decade developing. Based on Ken Grimwood’s 1987 bestseller, story follows a man who dies and gets the chance to relive his life over and over again, changing partners and professions each time.

As a director, Affleck is also keen to bring another epic adaptation to the bigscreen: Stephen King’s “The Stand,” a potential two-part pic that will be a co-production between CBS Films and Warners. Should Affleck sign on for “Justice League,” it remains unclear whether WB would wait for him to move forward on “The Stand” or bring on another filmmaker.

Affleck has been asked a couple of times to direct superhero flicks for the studio, so there’s as much chance he’ll pass on this too. Still… might be pretty wonderful if he did come aboard. After all, he’d have a better chance of convincing Matt Damon to play The Flash.

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