Felicity Shagwell returning for The Hangover Part III


A Win for toothless drunks everywhere!

Heather Graham can reduce the amount she’s paying on income insurance this month; the “Boogie Nights” actress (cum DTV-regular) is back as Jade the hooker from “The Hangover” for the film’s second sequel, according to Variety.

Graham, who got her start playing Coop’s beloved ‘Annie’ on “Twin Peaks”, was left out of “The Hangover Part II”. But with the third film returning to the scene of the, well, crime of the first flick, Vegas, Graham’s breastfeeding whore is required again – in some capacity.

Mike Epps, who also starred in the first “Hangover” but not the second, is also coming back.

Rumoured plotline for the new film apparently involves Jade disappearing.. somewhere. Might I guess, between the sheets and a quilt?

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifiankis and Justin Bartha are all returning to headline “The Hangover 3 : The Ken Jeong Rises”.