Bella Bolts! Kristen Stewart walks from latest movie


With all the brouhaha surrounding the poison apple she’s been sinking her teeth into of late (Rupert Sanders now, of course, going by the name ‘Granny Smith’), “Snow White” star Kristen Stewart has pulled out of her latest production – likely choosing the comfort of a bed spread and a dimly lit room instead. And fair enough, I say – camera flashes can be blinding.

Stewart was set to headline “Notebook” director Nick Cassavete’s new film “Cali”, an action thriller about two lovers who fake a snuff film and take off with the cash, but according to Variety’s Josh Dickey has exited the production. Nobody is talking – except, of course, TMZ, who won’t let the poor girl even buy a yoghurt without sticking something in her face.

Alex Pettyfer had recently agreed to co-star in the picture. No idea if he’s still onboard or, for that matter, whether the movie is still a go.

Stewart’s only commitment for the rest of the year is a junket or fifty for “Twilight : Breaking Dawn Part II” which, I imagine, she’s contractually obligated to do rain, hail or shine (One can almost imagine the ‘restricted topics’ list publicists will be handing out pre-interview on that one).

And this is a bit off-topic, but I’m absolutely disgusted how some major news outlets are advertising Bob Hoskins’ newly-announced battle with Parkinson’s disease. “Kristen Stewart’s co-star Bob Hoskins retires from acting!” scream the headlines. Excuse me, but what the frick!? Hoskins has only made about three decades worth of movies, including such classics as “The Long Good Friday”, “Mona Lisa”, “Nixon”, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” and “Mrs Henderson Presents”, and yet now he’s been reduced to ‘the guy that got to act with Kristen Stewart’. Hit-chasing fucktards. I’m sure even Kristen Stewart would laugh at the title in bold on some of these stories. More respect for Mr Hoskins, please. And, for that matter, leave poor Ms Stewart alone – she made a choice, you don’t think it’s hard enough for her to get up in the morning at the moment, let alone have the grizzled tabloid bloggers chasing and documenting her every move? Let her be. Let her sort herself out.