MH Briefs (August 10, 2012)


Yancy Butler aboard “Kick-Ass” sequel – the one ‘Red Mist’ didn’t think we’d ever see

“Witchblade” hottie Yancy Butler’s reprising her role as Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s on screen momma in “Kick Ass 2” (THR); Meanwhile, Mintz-Plasse tells Collider that he thought for shit sure we’d never see a sequel to the 2010 fave, especially since co-star Chloe Mortez is pushing the legal driving age. “It didn’t seem like it, especially now that Chloe is like, what, is she 37 now? [Laughs] But no, they hey wrote an incredible script. I think she’s going into 9th grade in this which is really smart. They didn’t keep her 11 as she was in the first one. They kind of aged it up a bit. And it’s super violent and bloody and funny and it’s got a great cast. I’m really excited. I fly out to London in a week to get started.”

Milo gets Brown

Jonathan Daniel Brown (“Project X”) has joined the cast of the horror comedy “Milo”, co-starring Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs and Peter Stormare. Brown will play an intern working for “Party Down” star Marino in the picture, which tells of “a man (Marino) with intense stomach trouble who learns to his horror that he has a demon living in his intestines. When he gives it permission to come out during a therapy session, the man names it Milo and tries to live a life in which he, not his demon, is in charge.”

“Plush” gig for Olivieri

Dawn Olivieri (“House of Lies”) will play a band manager in the erotic thriller “Plush” toplined by Emily Browning as a rising rock star, and “Twilight” alum Xavier Samuel.

Sean Penn’s next directing venture won’t star Madonna. We Guarantee it.

Penn’s directing “Crazy for the Storm”, based on Will Fetter’s script about survivalist Norman Ollestad. “Storm tells of Ollestad’s unique relationship with his father, who forced him into the world of extreme surfing and competitive downhill skiing beginning at the age of three. But it was those close skills that allowed an 11-year-old Norman to survive a plane crash in the midst of a blizzard in the San Gabriel mountains.”

“Knife” picked up at IFC

“Knife Fight”, directed by Bill Guttentag and starring Rob Lowe, has been picked by by IFC. “With the 2012 election around the corner, this film — which provides an unmatched look at what happens behind closed doors in politics — shouldn’t be missed,” said Jonathan Sehring, president of Sundance Selects/IFC Films.

“Gangster Squad” reshot

Due to a scene in which a cinema is shot up by gangsters, Warner Bros have opted to reshoot the sequence in the Ruben Fleischer-directed movie “Gangster Squad”. The studio fears the scene would be too much for cinemagoers considering the recent events in Colorado. The trades say the scene in question involved “mobsters bursting through the silver screen of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood with Tommy guns blazing.” Reshoots starting Aug 20 will involve stars Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, Robert Patrick, Troy Garity and Michael Pena, who will lens for three to seven days.

Felicity back on TV

FX has ordered a cold war spy series starring Keri Russell called “The Americans”. It is believed the series will feature, erm, Americans.

“Seven” redo has a writer

Novelist Nic Pizzolatto has been hired to write the Tom Cruise version of “The Magnificent Seven”. “Help Me Shoot.. You. Help Me.. Shot… You”, the gunslinger remarks.

Welcome to the Hotel… Transylvania

Adam Sandler’s animated Halloween treat “Hotel Transylvania” (and you thought David Spade was frightening without a CGI makeover!) has several new character posters on the line for peeking.

“Amityville : Episode One : The Phantom Menace”

Because one is never enough, another bloody “Amityville” inspired project is in the works (in addition to the remakes, reboots, sequels, found-footage versions also in development). Evergreen Media Group has announced they’re doing their own version, this one a prequel. “While the actual story itself is being kept under tight wraps, this will be first time ever that the true prequel to the Amityville Horror will be told” said DeRosa-Grund, Evergreen Media Group.

Hanna at the Helm

Saoirse Ronan’s lovely bones will meld to play Mary Queen of Scots in a new film from Working Title, the home of the “Mr Bean” movies. Perfectly matched.

“Trouble with the Curve” Poster

Still feeling sorry for JLo, who likely wanted to use the title for her upcoming autobiography, nevertheless here’s the poster for Clint Eastwood’s latest.

Images from Toy Short Toon “Partysaurus Rex”

The first images from the next “Toy Story” short – NSFW warning : May include a bath scene – are online.

“Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters” to begin with R

The Paramount release, starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton, will definitely be R-Rated according to Collider. Meanwhile, Mexico’s “Top Cat : The Movie” retains it’s original “G” for ‘Garbage’ classification.

“Expendables 2” clip featuring Bruno and Arnie Online

A new clip from “The Expendables 2” featuring McClane and Dutch, in a smart car, is online. And just to think, fifteen years time the two actors will be reenacting the sequence for an Old Navy commercial.

I Noah Who has joined the cast of “Noah”

Mark Margolis, of “Breaking Bad”, is the latest actor to plonk himself onboard the makeshift wooden floating device. Darren Aronofsky directs the picture, starring Russell Crowe as animal-savoir Noah.

Tim Riggins, Caped Crusader?

Christian Bale’s former online publicist and producing partner Harrison Cheung says in a new interview he’s heard Taylor Kitsch’s (“Battleship”) name come up in regards to possibly playing the next Batman.

“Batman Returns” actor moves into the White House

’90s staple Michael Murphy (“Shocker”, “Batman Returns”) will play the Vice President in director Roland Emmerich’s ‘Die Hard in the White House’ thriller, “White House Down”.