Excellent! Bill & Ted 3 finds itself a director!


Looks like this third “Bill & Ted” movie – which has been talked about for the better part of a decade – is definitely a-happenin.

Dean Parisot, of “Galaxy Quest” fame, has been tapped to helm the tardy second sequel to ’80s fave “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, according to Vulture.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are back to reprise their roles as time-traveling rockers from Hades, Ted & Bill, respectively.

Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson wrote the script for the flick, which MGM is apparently doing cartwheels over.

Reeves’ interest in “Bill & Ted” again, especially after the really long pause in dudeness, has me wondering whether he also couldn’t be enticed to come back and polish the “Speed” brand again?

Come on, man, wouldn’t that be great!? Another bus doing hurtles!? Heck, maybe a blimp that can’t float below a certain measurement of feet!?

“Speed” is terrific, definitely one of Reeves’ best flicks, but it’s rep was tarnished somewhat with “Speed 2 : Cruise Control”, the sequel he opted not to be a part of.

But imagine if, all these years later, Fox could get Reeves to see the merit in possibly reprising Jack Travern, bus jumper, for a belated sequel that redeems the franchise!? Heck, you could open “Speed 3” with Reeves popping two in the head of Jason Patric’s character (from “Speed 2”), who has just been busted for embezzling police funds and tries to take him down in doing so. And Annie? All you need is a five-minute cameo from Sandra Bullock, in which we see her trying to constantly call Jack’s phone and getting no response. He could make her work her skinny butt off in an effort to get him back.
“Pop Quiz Bitch! Why did you leave me!? Why did you leave me!?… Ha!?”

Well, it’s an idea.