Sanders for 90 Church and Snow White spin-off


Rupert Sanders (“Snow White & The Huntsman”) will direct Universal’s “90 Church”, based on the Dean Unkefer book ”90 Church: The True Story of the Narcotics Squad From Hell”, to be published in May 2013.

Deadline says Sanders “Snow White” producers Joe Roth and Palak Patel, who’ll produce with Deborah Giarratana, are also onboard.

90 Church refers to the address of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics when it was formed in New York City to combat organized crime and drug traffic in the mid-1960s through early ’70s. While the FBI refused even to acknowledge organized crime, 30 agents stood alone against a well-organized Mafia and vicious drug cartels. To survive against impossible odds, the agents used incredibly brutal and cunning tactics to make cases and bring the war to a stalemate. Using an ever-expanding network of criminal informants held together by secret immunity deals, the sinister reputation of 90 Church grew along with the rising body count. The book is fictionalized but based on true events, written by one of the agents who worked in the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. That bureau later merged with another and became the DEA.

Possibly more interesting is that Sanders “Snow White” sequel may have morphed into a spin-off. Assumingly as much to do with the Kristen Stewart scandal as it has to do with Chris Hemsworth’s bankability, the studio is now considering doing a movie focusing solely on the ‘Huntsman’ character. It’s still a ways off, by sounds, but interesting development.