Mathew McConaughey keeps his shirt-on in this one (I know! Shocker!), but still manages to keep most – well, your wife or girlfriend is a different matter – interested by way of a fun turn in his reunion with ”Dazed & Confused” director Richard Linklater.

An odd film to say the least, one that plays like a mish-mash of Christopher Guest and ”Summer Heights High”, ”Bernie” is essentially a showcase, not so much for McConaughey, but for portly funnyman Jack Black to show us he’s more than volume and pratfalls. Here he plays an eccentric and almost worrying mortician who, we learn about through the film’s documentary-esque approach, is either a concern to local townspeople or welcomed with open arms.

McConaughey, Shirley MacLaine and compliment Black in a terrifically-performed but otherwise fairly lightweight picture.

Wait for DVD, and then spend a Weekend at Bernie’s.

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