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Joseph Gordon-Levitt responds to Batman 4 rumours

”I don’t think [the ending of The Dark Knight Rises] is necessarily a set-up”

By now I’m assuming most of you have seen “The Dark Knight Rises”, so it’s safe to discuss this… but for those that have not seen the film, best to turn back now.

Okay, so that last scene in the blockbuster Bat-flick, where Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character enters the Batcave? People seem to be split fifty-fifty on whether that scene is supposed to set up a new Batman movie, which Gordon-Levitt wearing the cowl (or even Robin’s cowl), or whether it’s simply Chris Nolan’s way of reminding audiences of that ‘anyone can be the symbol’ message he’s relayed throughout the series.

While I personally have heard bits and pieces suggesting Warner Bros are interested in having a Nightwing Gordon-Levitt take over the Batman series from here on out, there’s nothing definite on that yet (and I know no more past the “that’s what I’ve heard” comments relayed through my contacts on email there), and quite possibly, that might be the first and last time you’ll see the “Inception” star in the Bat Cave. On one hand, I hope it is, because the series ended so beautifully, but on the other hand, I don’t half-mind the idea of seeing a Blake-Batman-Nightwing-Robin movie.

Levitt appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and responded to the ‘Will you be starring in a fourth Batman movie?’ question that anyone with an interest in the franchise would likely ask him if given the opportunity. Naturally, the actor played coy, but he does seem to express definite interest in going back… should that be the plan.

Have a look.

Gordon-Levitt’s next film looks just as fun as “The Dark Knight Rises”, it’s called “Looper” and it’s a crafty time-traveling adventure flick in which the former shares a character with Bruce Willis. Nifty idea.

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