Christopher Guest, Jim Piddock & Chris O’Dowd plant Family Tree


Glad we can finally talk about this.

Friend and colleague Jim Piddock, a regular presence in filmmaker Christopher Guest’s films (“Best in Show”, “For Your Consideration”), is back working with Mr. Lee Curtis on a new mockumentary-style series for HBO and BBC 2. And it’s an absolute bloody doozie, let me tell you.

The show “Family Tree” will star “Bridesmaids” scene-stealer Chris O’Dowd as a young man who, after his life goes pear-shaped goes on a hunt to discover the details of his heritage – a search stemmed by the discovery of a mysterious box from his aunt great.

Piddock (“The Five-Year Engagement”), who created the show with Guest, and is writing and producing, will appear in the series as O’Dowd’s neighbour.

Guest too will make on-screen appearances in several episodes.

The show, the first season (consisting of 8 episodes) of which is already greenlit, is expected to air in the first half of next year on both HBO and BBC 2 simultaneously.

More details on this as it inches closer to the cameras.