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Trailer for Sly Stallone’s Bullet to the Head

Hot on the heels of strongman Schwarzenegger’s “Last Stand” trailer

You can’t build a house of blockbusters with just one brick.

Hot on the heels of strongman Schwarzenegger’s “Last Stand” trailer, Warner Bros has now unveiled a trailer for fellow Ironman Stallone’s next, “Bullet to the Head”.

I’m still a little gutted the picture, directed by action maestro Walter Hill, was rejigged so much before it went before the cameras (it lost Thomas Jane’s cop-partner, and transformed into a less-imaginative ethnic two-hander; but mainly, it lost what I thought was a slick title – “Headshot”) but after sitting through this visual peep a couple of times I’m hopeful this is still going to be a good time. I do love the Rhinestone Cowboy, Sly. And hey! Great to see someone giving Christian Slater a chance back on the big screen, been too long… Kuffs.

The film’s postponement (from early 2012 to early 2013), I believe, has less to do with the quality of the product and more to do with the opportunities that might arise to make more milk money after “Expendables 2” unspools.

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