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Fred Flintstone returns to Viva Rock Vegas for Hangover Part III

John Goodman playing a bad guy in comedy sequel

“Due Date” did about as much for the audience as it did for director Todd Phillips’ career, but alas, one good thing seems to have come out of it : Phillips now has a direct line to the Downey household.
As such, he used it to try and entice Robert Downey Jr into “The Hangover” franchise.

Did it work? Shit no, Iron Man ain’t got no time for funnies, let alone beating up bad guys with a fucked-up ankle.

Still, nice try.

Phillips’ hope to get Sean Penn into the movie, playing the same originally eyeballed for Downey, also didn’t work.

Third strike didn’t come though.

He’s ended up with someone just as good – if not, slightly less bankable – to play the villain in “The Hangover Part III”.

John Goodman.

The versatile thesp, who has made for fun bad guys in the likes of “Evan Almighty” and “Born Yesterday” (one might even say his ‘Coach’ character in “Revenge of the Nerds” was a formidable scumbag!), will play the small role of an antagonist in the sequel. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis reprise their roles in the WB/Legendary production, with Ken Jeong, Heather Graham and Mike Epps also expected to replicate their characters from that first film in the series.

“The Hangover Part III” will be released May 24, 2013.

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