Di Caprio, Warner Bros depart The Imitation Game

Leonardo DiCaprio was offered Anakin Skywalker in "Star Wars : The Phantom Menace"

Leonardo Di Caprio and Warner Bros have passed on plans to make WWII picture “The Imitation Game”, which J Blakeson is attached to direct, says THR.

CAA are now shopping the project, which centers on British cryptographer turned German code-breaker Alan Turing, elsewhere. Blakeson remains attached to the project.

Di Caprio was to play Turning who, despite helping the allies win the war, was later crucified for being homosexual. He committed suicide as a result of the attacks.

The “Titanic” star never officially attached himself to the project. Without the marquee name, Warners begun to lose interest – fearing the film would struggle to attract any interest at the box office without a name onboard. As such, they gave up on the picture.