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Maverick’s back! Tom Cruise in Fallon for Top Gun 2 preparation

Character captains the last manned fighter aircraft, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Tom Cruise’s interest in Speed may have ramped up.

According to, Cruise was in Fallon, Nevada on Friday for some preliminary research work on the oft-discussed “Top Gun” sequel.

The “Rock of Ages” actor was seen talking to Navy officials and doing some other unspecified prep work at the Naval Air Station Fallon. NAS Officials confirmed that Cruise was in town for “Top Gun 2” prep but couldn’t confirm whether the movie, which “Top Gun” helmer Tony Scott will return to direct, will be shot in the area.

Jerry Bruckheimer is producing the sequel which will see Cruise reprise his role as hot-shot pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell.

Plot details are scarce, but Peter Craig and Christopher McQuarrie’s script is said to reflect the advances in aviation technology since the ’80s, in particular that of the Navy’s killer robot drones that are now utilized throughout the world.

Maverick won’t be behind the controls of a drone though; he is said to be one of the last ‘old school’ pilots, captaining the last manned fighter aircraft, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The movie would likely tackle the topic of errors at the hands of human pilots in a time of these drones.

No word on whether any of the other “Top Gun” cast will be joining Cruise for the sequel, but Val Kilmer has expressed interest (and coincidentally, Rick Rossovich recently returned to the acting game) and one wouldn’t be surprised if Meg Ryan was called in to cameo as Goose’s widow.

Cruise is expected to reprise ‘Maverick’ prior to returning to the “Mission : Impossible” franchise for a fifth installment of it.

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