Tony Scott’s 10 Best Films


You can’t log online your Twitter account, let alone open a fresh Google web search without seeing the words ‘Tony Scott’ come up at the moment. And I’m guessing, what with the mixed reports over the how’s and why’s of the “Top Gun” director’s death, and for the little matter of Scott’s amazing contribution to cinema, the name won’t be disappearing from the top bar for quite a while.

While I myself have a wet spot (you heard me) for “Top Gun” and “Beverly Hills Cop II”, being the sucker for sky-burnt lens that I am, many of you are likely to go straight to “True Romance” as Scott’s magnum opus. I won’t argue, it’s a terrific film, and I still remember saving up my high-school pocket-money to own a copy on VHS. Those three movies are undoubtedly the fan favourites when it comes to the back catalogue of the late, great Scott – but what about “The Hunger”? “Crimson Tide”? Heck, “Deja Vu”!? That wasn’t too shabby. Shit, I didn’t mention “Last Boy Scout”! We all know… Friday Night is a great night for football!

Seems those films not featuring Billy Rosewood and characters named after Geese make quite a few jeans tight, too.

Together with the dozen or so Moviehole contributors we nutted out what we have agreed upon to be Scott’s best & most entertaining films – you’ll appreciate that none of Scott’s films were standout Oscar-types, so we probably should’ve retitled the feature ’10 Most Entertaining Films’, but you get the gist – and I think you’ll be surprised at what we’ve come up with… or you won’t, and you’ll just click on and read the next story, which is likely something about a superhero movie and how the tights are going to be tweaked from the original Garth Ennis’ comic. Guessing.

Tony Scott’s 10 Best Films – as Voted by the Moviehole Staff

10. “The Fan” (1996)

– Tony knew how to make a shit flick look epic.

9. “Revenge” (1990)

– Not just anyone can put in a gun in Kevin Costner’s hand and get away with it.

8. “Days of Thunder” (1990)

– Quotable. And Quotable some more.

7. “Crimson Tide” (1995)

– The best submarine movie of the past fifteen years.

6. “Spy Game” (2001)

– A return to form for Scott.

5. “The Hunger” (1983)

– Visually orgasmic.

4. “Beverly Hills Cop II” (1987)

– He made Judge Reinhold look cool. Nuf said.

3. “Last Boy Scout” (1991)

– Worth every penny (spent on Shane Black’s script).

2. “Top Gun” (1986)

– Makes you wanna touch some guy’s volleyballs.

1. “True Romance” (1993)

– Coolest. Film. Of. The. 90s.

Rest in Peace, Tony Scott.