Paramount’s Jack Ryan release, spin-off plans revealed


After being on and off more times than Tommy and Pam, Paramount’s “Jack Ryan” reboot is finally inching towards the cameras but more so, has something resembling a release date (Sonar needed to position it though).

Deadline has confirmed that the Kenneth Branagh directed reboot of the film series, inspired by the works of Tom Clancy, will hit theaters in the fourth quarter of 20123.

Nikki’s troupe is also reporting that the film is designed to be the first in a new trilogy, featuring Chris Pine as young CIA buckshot Ryan.

Aside from the “Star Trek” alum’s anointment to the trilogy, Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner look to reprise their roles from “Jack Ryan” for the subsequent two sequels, too.

Paramount have big plans for not only the Jack Ryan character but some of the supporting characters that will pop up in next year’s blockbuster. In addition to John Clark (Tom Hardy is being courted to play the character), who will spin-off into his own film “Without Remorse”, Costner’s William Harper might also get his own movie.

The last Jack Ryan adventure was 2002’s so-so “Sum of All Fears”, starring Ben Affleck in the role of a twenty-something Ryan.