Clips and Trailers from Star Wars Detours


He may be handing over the day-to-day responsibilities to Kathleen Kennedy, but George Lucas’s seemingly still in charge of the franchise-raping at Lucasfilm.
Kids are in for a treat, and adult fans are in for a lengthy case of the night sweats, with the new ‘Star Wars’ animated series “Star Wars Detours”, which flips the plot and characters of the film series, and plays it for cutesy laughs instead, by taking a look at the day-to-day lives of main characters like Ben Kenobi, Darth Vader and Han Solo. Only the guys behind “Robot Chicken” would have the balls to turn Kenobi into a stand-up comic and the Emperor into a chick magnet.
Co-creator Seth Green recalls how “Detours” came about, in a chat with EW.
“Lucas was sitting at a desk and said, ‘You guys think you’re pretty fucking funny, don’t you?'” Green remembers. “‘So, how about we do something funny together?'”
Here’s a few stills and the new trailer for the upcoming toon.

Vomit bag under your seat if you need it, fans.

Star Wars Detours™ is an animated comedy that explores what daily life is like in a galaxy far, far away. There are no Empires striking back or attacking clones here. Instead, Star Wars Detours focuses on the universe’s regular folks and their everyday problems… which, to be fair, do frequently involve famous bounty hunters, crazed Ewoks, and even a Dark Lord of the Sith. Welcome to Star Wars: Detours: the other side of the stars, between the wars.”