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Exclusive : two other names on the Justice League director wish-list

Superhero film may have located its helmers within a ‘Cloud Atlas’

Warner Bros has a smallish list of directors they’re talking to about “Justice League”, the long-proposed superhero team-up movie (including new comic-book bed-buddies Superman and Wonder Woman! Can you believe that!? Way to sell a comic book to a woman though, DC!) that they’ve been planning since… well, George Miller couldn’t get it going.

Ben Affleck’s name is on that list, we know that. And we also know that Affleck’s not every keen on doing the picture – sadly, he would’ve donated much gravitas to it. But Ben’s too busy doing his own thing right now, putting together the kind of unique, original dramas that win filmmaker’s Oscars.

That means one of the other names on the list will likely get the gig. Haven’t seen the list, nor do I know all the names on it, but I’ve heard whisperings of two other names on the wish-list.

As most know, I’m now a partner in a global PR firm that specializes in event management and digital marketing of talent in-front-of and behind the camera. This bit of news came courtesy someone we’ve been working with – someone who would likely have a better chance at getting a glass to a door at WB than most of us. So here goes…

Lana and Andy Wachowski.

What I’m told is Warner Bros are apparently jazzed with “Cloud Atlas”, and love that it’s as much a spectacle as it is a showcase for the immense ensemble involved, so it makes sense the W’s are under consideration. “Justice League” needs to be as big on character, as it does bells & whistles, and the Wachowski’s could probably offer that.

The directing duo have also gave the studio one of their most successful film trilogies of all time, “The Matrix” trio (I won’t mention “Speed Racer”).

Quite a few reasons why WB would consider the directing duo a viable option for “Justice League”, but would Lana and Andy even consider it? Hard to say. They definitely like to work at their own speed, and definitely like to do their ‘own’ thing as opposed to being merely one ‘cog’ in a venture, so I can’t see them jumping through hoops to pull the strings on a ‘we want it done now’ large corporate statement like this. Still, exciting possibility nonetheless.

The Wachowski’s have considered comic book films before (and they’ve done one of their better graphic novel cum film adaptations in “V for Vendetta”). They toyed with a “Plastic Man” movie for a while there, and it’s rumoured they were in the running to do “Man of Steel” – or an incarnation of a ‘Superman’ reboot’ – before the studio went with Zack Snyder. So the twosome definitely do shy away from men-in-tights movies.

(It’d also mean Hugo Weaving would be an easy score for one of the villains. Hmm.. wonder what he’d look like bald!?)

… though, personally, my vote is still with Ruben Fleischer.

“Justice League” is being written by “Gangster Squad” scribe Will Beale.

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