Next two Star Wars films getting 3D re-issue in 2013


I never bothered with the 3D re-issue of “The Phantom Menace”. Just wasn’t that damp for it. And considering I’m the guy who not only paid money to see “Caravan of Courage” at the cinema plus met a 300-pound-guy in an Admiral Ackbar outfit in a back alley where I traded him Aussie Tim Tam’s for a VHS copy of the ‘Holiday Special’, that’s saying something. It’s funny, a few years ago I’d have sold my bicycle spokes for anything ‘Star Wars’, now I wouldn’t cross a street for a boogie with a chick in a Slave Leia costume. I blame you Jar Jar. Maybe those talking ‘roger, roger’ battle droids, too. In all honesty, it wasn’t so much the films that put me off as the reviews of the 3D conversion – which most deemed disgustingly dark, dull and carbonite-murky.

Seems a few of you didn’t mind so much though, because following word that “Phantom Menace” 3D pocketed enough to warrant re-issues of the next two films in the prequel saga. My 5-year-old daughter just did a Toyota jump!

Lucasfilm announced today that both “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” will be released back-to-back, in the gimmicky format, in 2013.

One can only imagine how amazing some of the memorable lines, and subsequent scenes, in those two films projected through 3D will be…

“This is a crisis. The Senate must vote to give the chancellor emergency powers. He can then approve the creation of an army without a vote”

”Ke booda? Yo baan pee hota. No wega mi condorta. Kin chasa du Jedi. No bata tu tu. ”

”Annie? Little Annie? Naaah! ”

The two films will be released September 20th, 2013 and October 11th, 2013 respectively.

What that means is that the sequel trilogy, beginning with “A New Hope” can’t be too far behind – 2014, most likely. Those, I’ll attend.

Excited at the prospect of a dimly-lit screen showing in-your-face ‘Watto?