MH Briefs (August 28, 2012)


Ensemble Scribbled Down for Indy Comedy

Kaley Cuoco, Dylan Walsh, Chris Klein, Dennis Farina, Teri Polo, Tricia Helfer, Jonathan Bennett and Jonathan Banks will star in the indie comedy “Scribble” for Ellie Kanner-Zuckerman. Written By David Congalton, “Scribble” is said to be a “comedy about a group of working people who want to be writers”. Has to be a comedy if they want to be writers, right!?

Cool support cast headed to “Whiskey Bay”

Tom Berenger, Amy Smart, Bill Duke, Neal McDonough, Christopher Marquette and Frederick Weller are joining Matt Dillon and Willem Dafoe in “Whiskey Bay”, which “concerns a veteran Baton Rouge detective (Dafoe) who infiltrates the most powerful criminal enterprise in the South and, after taking down its top lieutenant and contract killer (Dillon), convinces him to turn informant to help bring down the entire organization including its amoral architect (Berenger). Amy Smart plays Dillon’s wife.” Chris Brinker directs.

“Jack Ryan” for Christmas 2013

Paramount must be quite confident they’ve got a hit on their hands with the upcoming “Jack Ryan”, they’ve just scheduled the film for a December 25, 2013 release.

Cornish flirting with “Fellini”

Aussie Abbie Cornish is set for “Fellini Black and White” for Henry Browell. The “RoboCop” actress (she’s playing Mrs Oil-and-Grease in the reboot) will star as Betty, “the beautiful veterinarian that Fellini falls in love with when he comes to Los Angeles for the Oscars in 1957 and wins Best Picture for Nights Of Cabiria.” William H. Macy, Terrence Howard, Peter Dinklage, and Brazilian star Wagner Moura, who’ll play the iconic director, are also onboard.

Minnie Driver to headline a “Fright” Night

Minnie Driver, Meat Loaf Aday, Allie MacDonald and Douglas Smith are doing a musical-horror flick called “Stage Fright” for Serendipity Films and writer/director Jerome Sable. The mesh of “Scream” and “Glee”, we’re informed, “tells the story of a snobby musical theater camp terrorized by a blood-thirsty masked killer who despises musical theatre. Driver plays Kylie Swanson, the enigmatic and haunted star of the Broadway stage, and mother of siblings Camilla (MacDonald) and Buddy (Smith) who find themselves at the center of the unfolding horror at the camp. Meat Loaf plays Roger McCall, the fallen-from-grace Broadway producer turned camp director.”

Gyllenhaal on Kennedy “Detail”

Stephen Gyllenhaal (“Paris Trout”, “Twin Peaks”, Maggie & Jake’s Pop) will write and direct “The Kennedy Detail”, which focuses on the men of the Secret Service protective detail assigned to JFK. The film will be released in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death next November.

Farmiga goes Psycho

Vera Farmiga (“Up in the Air”) will play Norman Bates in A&E’s “Bates Motel”, based on big Al’s “Psycho” quadrilogy. The show, from the creators of “Lost”, has a 10-episode launch in 2013.

Cyrus to guest on… wait! That show is still on!?

Miley Cyrus will playing an old friend of Ashton Kutcher’s character on “Two and-a-half Men”, when she guest stars on the sitcom later this year.

Bower joins After “Office” series

Tom Bower (“Die Hard 2”) will play Dwight’s great uncle on the new Rainn Wilson-starring spin-off of “The Office”, titled “The Farm”. Majandra Delfino and Thomas Middleditch were announced last week as being part of the ensemble.

Smulders in “Starbuck”

“How I Met Your Mother” and “Avengers” star Cobie Smulders is in talks to join Vince Vaughn in “Starbuck”, Dreamworks’ remake of the French-Canadian comedy about “a man whose life is turned upside down when he learns he has fathered 533 children through sperm donation. When a few hundred of the children express an irrepressible need to meet their father, he must decide whether to step up and reveal his identity.” Smulders plays Vaughn’s preggers girlfriend, who has no idea her man is behind the ‘Starbuck’ legend. “Five-Year Engagement” star Chris Pratt is also onboard the flick. Ken Scott directs.

“Citizen” Premiere

3K Pictures announces today that director Sam Kadi’s debut drama “The Citizen” will have its North American Premiere at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana on Monday, October 22nd at the AMC Castleton Square 14 theater at 7:15pm. The Heartland Film Festival started in 1992 as a small event in Indianapolis and has expanded over time to become one of the fastest growing film festivals in the country. Today, the annual film festival is a ten-day event full of independent films, a variety of special events for film enthusiasts of all ages and a one-of-a-kind experience in one of the Midwest’s most inviting cities. This year the festival runs from October 18th-27th. “The Citizen”, starring Cary Elwes and Agnes Bruckner, tells the story of an Arab immigrant named Ibrahim (played by celebrated Egyptian actor Khaled Nabawy) who wins the American green card lottery, arriving in New York City on September 10th, 2001.

Nolfi does “xoxo”

“Adjustment Bureau” director George Nolfi is directing the Facebook thriller “XOXO” about an up-and-coming executive, engaged to be married, who has an online affair – with a ‘bunny boiler’ type.

“Courier” going to DVD Retailers

Action flick “The Courier”, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Josie Ho, Til Schweiger, Mickey Rourke, Lily Taylor and Miguel Ferrer, will have it’s premiere on Blu-ray®, DVD and Digital October 9th.

“Dredd” featurette

Some new stuff for Karl Urban’s first big jaunt as ol’ helmet-head!

Fassbender gets Portman’s “Gun”

Michael Fassbender is in talks to join Natalie Portman for the western “Jane Got a Gun”, which fixes on a “woman married to an outlaw who returns home bullet-riddled and half-dead, betrayed by criminal confederates hot on his heels. Fassbender would play the ex-lover Portman seeks out to help her defend her farm from the imminent onslaught of black hats.”

“Lost” castaway is a “Breacher”

Josh Holloway is in talks for David Ayer’s “Breacher”, the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer about DEA agents who go looting, only to be taken down one-by-one by an assassin.