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Who will play Richard Pryor in the Nina Simone biopic?

Who will play Richard Pryor in the Nina Simone biopic?

Who will play Richard Pryor in the Nina Simone biopic? That’s a question you’ve been asking yourself, right?

No, us either, but still, it’ll be interesting to see who writer/director Cynthia Mort does go with. She’s already cast the wonderfully talented Zoe Saldana (“Star Trek”) in the lead role, and David Oyelowo (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”) as her manager Clifton Henderson, but we’ve received word that she’s now looking to cast some of the film’s pivotal supporting parts – namely, funnyman Pryor.

Casting agents have been informed that the production wants an actor, aged 40 to 60, to play Pryor.

“Well you all know him and his brilliance is hard to find but show us what you got for this one. He was friends with Nina and performed at the same venue with her when they were younger. Richard like Nina had a particular kind of brilliance, with and edge. 1 Scene.”, says the call.

Aside from Pryor – come on Eddie Murphy! – there’s also a hunt on for :

  • ANDREW STOWNE : Male, African-American, 30s. A young cop. Nina’s husband until their divorce, and father of her child, Lisa Simone…1 Scene
  • OLIVIA : Female, Caucasian, French, 25 to 30 years old. Young French Nurse who takes care of Nina in France and develops a relationship with Clifton. He is self assured and at ease with her self and quite charming and beautiful and of course , she becomes a true threat to Nina’s relationship with Clifton 3 Scenes
  • CLIFTON’S FATHER : Male, African American, late 50s to late 60s. Big African-American middle class Chicago guy with dark, engaging presence. 60s – 70. He is one demanding hard to pleas kind of dad – 2 Scenes
  • CLIFTON’S MOTHER : Female, African American, 50s to 60s. Attractive, middle class African-American woman who is a huge fan of Nina and incredibly proud her son is working for Nina. – 2 Scenes
  • HEATHER : Female, African American, 24 to 29 years old. Very pretty, slightly slicker than Clifton. She’s the girl Clifton’s been trying to get with for years. A girl used to being the center of attention, she is totally swallowed up by Nina’s charisma and talent. Like a flower in the sun, she wilts… 1 Scene
  • YOUNG NINA SIMONE : Female, African American, age 8 to 11. Looking for a talented girl age 8-11 who can play the piano with ease, grace and guts. She is a tough cookie who has something to show the world. Please only submit African American girls who are talented classically trained Pianists and performers who look like a young Nina. MUST BE ABLE TO PLAY PIANO WELL. – 1 Scene
  • AL SCHACKMAN : Male GUITARIST, Caucasian 30s to 40s. Nina’s faithful guitar man. We are looking for a skilled guitar player in his early 30s-40s who Nina’s tireless Rock of Gibralter… Music has been good to him and he’s been good to himself…SUPPORTING
  • GILLE : Male, GUITARIST, African American, 30s to 40s. A very cool cat, African guitarist who Nina may have first met in Paris. He is part of her band for a long time and again we need a real musician here SUPPORTING.

Due to film over six weeks from late October, “Nina Simone” is a bio chronicling the life of the legendary great soul singer, Nina Simone and her relationship with her manager Clifton. It is not strictly a biopic but rather a portrait of an icon whose talent and passion took the world by storm. She was an iconic musician but also a woman who represented “women” in their quest to be heard and appreciated equally. Nina’s talent was huge and like many artists her inner demons also shaped her life and career.

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