House Party reboot films next month in South Africa

“House Party : Tonight’s the Night” will be one of the final films produced through WB’s recently-abandoned Warner Premiere label

Can’t for the life of me remember anything from the last two sequels, but the first two “House Party” films? Those gems turn me into Quotezilla.

If you, like so many of us backwards-pants wearing wannabes that survived the ’90s without too much embarrassment, are a fan of Reginald Hudlin’s 1991 magnum opus “House Party” you’ll be either be stoked or sweating the idea of a reboot.

Either way, it’s coming.

What’s the name of that group? Public Enemy? Public Enima? What the hell’s a Public Enima anyway? Hey! Shut up all that damn noise!

“House Party : Tonight’s the Night” is a re-haul of the series, ditching the adventures of Kid and Play for two wannabe rappers/house party hosts named Chris and Dylan.

It’s currently casting up for a shoot in South Africa, which is no doubt doubling for, erm, the hood.


Chris is the wilder, more impulsive one, and the part of the team that’s a tad more hell-bent on becoming a big name in rap, while Dylan is more resigned to putting his musical ambitious aside for a college education.

However, at Dylan’s urging, and with the promise of a visit from a major label exec, Chris rather reluctantly agrees to host a house party. With his parents away for the night, an eager but nervous Chris figures, “What can go wrong?” Well, just about everything. Rather than make a demo and send them to the music-man, Chris and Dylan think they’ll have more luck if the exec catches them doing a live, crowd-pleasing [house] concert performance.

You get the picture – lots of fun, zany supporting characters (the character of ‘Smoove, a Hispanic high-strung DJ,’ will probably be a fave); a love interest for Chris that’s currently smooching with a big, dumb jock; a big, well-staged rap number every few minutes; and a third-act that’s big mission is to patch up a friendship that goes a little skewed over the course of the night.

“House Party : Tonight’s the Night” will be one of the final films produced through WB’s recently-abandoned Warner Premiere label (they did the sequels to “The Lost Boys”), and is scheduled for a shoot in South Africa (where the third “Lost Boys” was shot) in late September.

Reports earlier this year had Nick Cannon directing a reboot of “House Party”. While Cannon did end up making his directorial debut on a similar-themed project, his flick was actually unrelated to the franchise, a stand-alone music-laffer called “School Dance”.

More on this shortly, meantime let’s get our thing on with Kid n’Play…

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